What are your “required” monthly, weekly, and daily blogging tasks?

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Today’s question came from my community member, Lori W. If you have a blogging, writing, or content marketing related question, ask me here :)

This is simple enough :)

Daily tasks

  • I write every day. Since blogging is my side hustle, I don’t always write an entire post in a single day. Sometimes I do, other times I take it a little bit at a time. But in any case, writing is a daily task. This also involves researching, planning, outlining, editing, etc., depending on the day 😉
  • I manually create and pin 2–3 things on Pinterest, across multiple boards — blog posts, course landing pages, templates, etc.
  • I always update an income and expense spreadsheet (business-related only, lol) before I go to bed; helps me keep track of the money.

Weekly tasks

This varies from week to week, and I don’t always get to check every item on my to-do list. I struggle with depression, and it’s not always easy to stick to a strict schedule for my side hustles…

That said, these are the things I aspire to do every week:

  • Make sure I have at least two weeks of Pins scheduled via the Tailwind app (I both automate and manually post on Pinterest).
  • Publish at least one new blog post on The Side Blogger. (Sometimes this ends up being once every two weeks…)
  • Send at least one newsletter (Sunday Blogger goes out every… you guessed it… Sunday! LOL.) If I publish a new post, I will likely send another newsletter sometime during the week.
  • Publish 3–4 stories on Medium.
  • [New task] Publish a Canva resource post (and/or a YouTube video).
  • I go over my analytics and search data to see which posts are getting traction (helps me understand my audience, and thus come up with better ways to serve said audience.)

Monthly tasks

Again, these are the goals I aspire to, but depending on what’s going on with my life, things change. That’s the beauty of working for myself, I suppose. I can take things easy if I need to 😏


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