Some Fun (or not…) Writing Exercises

And I guarantee they’ll make a WAY better writer out of you!

Let’s play pretend.

One of the best yet most painstaking undertaking of How-to-Write-Better challenge is the act of playing pretends. It’s a simple enough idea, but mighty difficult to accomplish with any semblance of success.

Be a copycat.

This one is even simpler than the previous one.

That GRE wordlist is pretty useful!

I remember going through a list of a few hundred words, painstakingly, as part of my GRE prep work.

Why not look up synonyms and antonyms?

This one is best used with your GRE list. When you’re learning to use a word, try looking up the synonyms and antonyms of that word. Write them down in an index card if you will.

Finally, just write!

Way to be Ms. Obvious, I know! But I wanted to wrap up this list with something fun.

She/her. I write about what I know and what I’m trying to make sense of.

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