I started writing because I was jealous of writers. The way their words affected me had something to do with it, I'm assuming. Eventually, blogging became a lifestyle of sort and also the means to and end—making a living. It kept evolving from there. These days, aside from making money, I write to also make sense of the world around me. As a "voracious reader," I feel as though I haven't processed any information until I've connected the dots between the information I'm consuming and my lived experiences. And writing is how I connect those dots.

Especially for “writers” like me who’re just learning the craft

Photo by Sai Kiran Anagani on Unsplash

Medium, as it so happens, reinforces bad habits for newbie writers. We want to create too much content too quickly. We make writing into a game of quantity and not quality.

Veteran writers are different. They know what’s important. …

Not a day for the Zuck

Day of the Twitter (screenshot by me.)

Yep! Facebook (and associated apps) are down, down, down… and still down.

I’m not really into social media so it took a few hours to realize what was happening. I found out about it quite by accident. …


This father-son duo’s vision in “A New Reality” is on the brink of collapse

Eleanor Roosevelt, Albert Sabin, Jonas Salk, and Basil O’Connor at The Infantile Paralysis Hall of Fame in Warm Springs, Georgia | Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Around halfway through the twentieth century, Jonas Salk did the unthinkable. He made a vaccine for polio and gave it away without ever patenting it.

And here we are now. It’s 2021, the world is over a year and a half into a deadly pandemic, and albeit an effective, high-efficacy…

Yeah, I use Grammarly. Eat me. Whatever.

Here’s the thing. Grammarly is a fucking tool. Literally. It helps people like me who type with three fingers, are slow on a…

Lately, writing anything at all has been difficult.

There’s too much inside my head. I’m feeling them, but I have no idea how to put words to those feelings. Each idea morphs into another one. They’re intertwined and every time I start to write it down, I end up going…

Also, how to stay in your comfort zone

Ventura County Fire Department Public Information Officer, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Is California Really All That?

I know that no place is a heaven on Earth. California’s definitely not it. Don’t believe it? Just look at the photos of wildfires! Who would want to live in California? And don’t even get me started on the cost of living there. RENT! OMG! A one-bedroom apartment for over…

The difficulties of keeping the personal separate from the universal

Shadow of a woman.
Photo by John Moeses Bauan on Unsplash

Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time here; reading, and then writing some too. It’s an avoidance mechanism. I have things to do but I’m temporizing.

This is a weird predicament to have. The things I must do are close to my heart. So why am I “procrastinating”? If…

I didn’t want this experiment to succeed, but it did

Source: Freepik

I make no money on this platform. I don’t write the kind of things that make money. But, I may have figured out what actually does make money!

Some background.

There’s a certain Medium-writer who makes a ton of money on Medium and teaches everyone how to make a ton…

Especially if you’re trying to prove a point

Unless you’re this beautiful horse (or any other horse or a goat or some other animal), leave out Ivermectin from your medicine cabinet. Photo from Freepik.

Let’s say I write about racist behavior. I’m a woman of color. So if another person of color disputes my lived experience or even my opinion on matters regarding racism, it throws me off my game, even if for a little bit. But when a white dude does it?


She/her. I write about what I know and what I’m trying to make sense of. https://wordsbymaliha.com

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